About Anime Patrol

Anime Patrol is your trusted source for everything related to anime, manga, manhua, manhwa, and K-drama.

We also cover gaming topics that are related to the above-mentioned categories, so you’re sure to find something of your interest here!

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Founded in 2022, Anime Patrol quickly gained traction and became the people’s source for all anime news, as well as news regarding manga, manhwa, manhua, gaming, and K-drama.

We are an authority in the field as our fans trust us and search for our brand name when seeking information.

The Team

Andrew Beltran

Andrew Beltran

Site Manager

Andre is in charge of Anime Patrol. He oversees every post that gets published and the social media profiles.

He loves binge-watching anime in his free time, and he’s currently working on his own light novel idea that he hopes a studio will pick up on.

Catherine Gainsborough

Catherine Gainsborough

Content Creator

Catherine is a content writer here at Anime Patrol. She has been a huge anime fan since Sailor Moon aired when she was five years old.

Today, even as an adult, her love for the Magical Girl genre has not changed. She also has an affinity for gaming, primarily JRPGs and shooters.

Joefrech Luga

Joefrech Luga Author

Content Creator

Joefrech is an old fan of One Piece, and he believes that he’s very close to finally seeing Monkey D. Luffy become the Pirate King. In the meantime, he spends a lot of time reading and watching isekai stories.

He follows practically all mainstream anime closely and is in charge of creating and maintaining a vast amount of content here on Anime Patrol.