Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

Chainsaw Man season 2 is definitely coming. Here's everything we know so far about the second season of Chainsaw Man, including the release date.

If you’ve just finished Season 1 of Chainsaw Man and need updates or news for the upcoming season, then you’re at the right place!

After its release on October 12, 2022, it garnered a lot of traction from manga fans and newer fans alike.

In fact, it was one of the top anime of 2022 according to a huge Japanese survey, so there really isn’t any fear of the series not being able to have a Season 2!

Chainsaw Man is the perfect anime series to binge-watch if you love shows with great character tropes, relatable moments (although not in the aspect of seeing or hunting down devils on a day-to-day basis), plenty of comedy, and a whole lot of action.

With that said, let’s have a look at what we know so far!

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  • August 11, 2023: Initial publishing.

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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date

Countdown to January 30, 2024 at 9:00 AM (UTC)


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Chainsaw Man Season 2 has already been released!

Although it’s just a rough estimation, we can expect to continue watching the devilish adventures of Denji, Aki, and Power as early as the fall of 2023 or the spring of 2024.

This is due to MAPPA opening a new studio branch to be more accommodating to animators, as seen in the tweet below, specially made for the production of the Chainsaw Man anime.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, MAPPA hasn’t uploaded a trailer for the second season just yet, so we’ve provided the trailer of the first season for all the new and curious viewers out there.

But do check back next time if you’re looking for the Season 2 trailer. We update our posts regularly to ensure that our readers get the best updates quickly!

What Is Chainsaw Man About?

Chainsaw Man is a goofy anime that revolves around a guy named Denji who would do absolutely anything just to touch some badonkers. Be it from his boss or his colleague, he doesn’t care. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

But what makes him Chainsaw Man is how he literally spawns (you guessed it!) some badass chainsaws from his arms, legs, and even his head!

Although it kinda hurts him, he can just heal up in no time after beating up baddies and drinking their blood (Like the devil he is).

Chainsaw Man Story (A Recap of Season 1)

Everything began with Denji almost dying after the yakuza he was working for betrayed him. He worked as a Devil Hunter for them along with his cute little buddy Pochita, a “Chainsaw Devil”. Pretty ironic, huh? Being a Devil Hunter with a Devil best friend.

Because of their sweet friendship, Pochita fused with Denji’s heart to heal him (although, “healing” is an understatement. He was literally chopped to bits!), resulting in Denji becoming Chainsaw Man.

He took his vengeance against the yakuza by killing all of them.

And by all of them, even including a Zombie Devil who was actually controlling them. (Plot twist!)

He was then found by the Public Safety Devil Hunters led by Makima.

His recruitment to the Public Safety Devil Hunters begins his adventure to discover new powers, make new friends (and enemies), and so much more!

Who Are Denji’s Companions?

Denji befriends Devil Hunters like Kobeni, Himeno, Aki, and the fiend named Power.

Side note: A fiend is a devil that has taken over a human corpse. But since Denji wasn’t technically dead when he and Pochita fused, he’s not a fiend, but a Hybrid. A mutual fusion between a devil and a human.

How They Came To Adopt A New Friend

Power got Denji to help rescue her cat from the Bat Devil with the promise of letting him touch her boobs. He happily agreed because of this promise, so things should go smoothly, right?


Power lied just to get Denji to the Bat Devil. It plans to devour Denji to let Power’s cat go. But things didn’t go well for the bad guy exactly because Denji was motivated by the thought of touching boobs!

Although Power technically betrayed Denji, he still forgave her. But on the plus side, they got a cat now!

So, What Happens Then?

Makima asked Denji to kill the Gun Devil, which he happily agreed to due to Makima’s manipulation of Denji’s love for her (and her boobs. Most especially her boobs).

Denji and Power underwent training from the best Devil Hunter in Public Safety—Kishibe. Though from our point of view on their training, it just seemed like Kishibe was beating them up!

They were crushed, impaled, stabbed, slashed, and so much more! It’s a good thing they were both devils and can heal so much faster than a regular human. Otherwise, the anime would have ended there!

After all that torture Kishibe has done, Denji and Power grew noticeably stronger. Even standing their ground against the Ghost Devil, the Snake Devil, and Katana Man.

Who Is Katana Man?

Katana Man was one of the main antagonists that Denji fought towards the end of Season 1.

But was Katana Man someone like Chainsaw Man but with Katanas?

You’re absolutely right. Someone like Chainsaw Man but with Katanas.

You’d think that Chainsaw Man won against Katana Man because chainsaws are far superior to katanas, right? Wrong.

Katana Man had more experience in combat than Chainsaw Man. In fact, if it weren’t for Katana Man’s overconfidence in beating Denji, Chainsaw Man would have died! Little did Katana Man know that Denji had the idea to summon a chainsaw through his leg!

With the defeat of Katana Man, the Ghost Devil, and the Snake Devil, they learned that the Gun Devil wanted Denji’s heart for reasons unknown to the team.

Season 1 ended with a final scene of a glimpse of Reze, a mysterious girl who potentially has a huge impact on Season 2.

What To Expect For Season 2

With the reveal of the new character, Reze, we can expect to see more of her in the anime.

Will she be friend or foe?

Will she be another target for Denji’s sexual fantasies?

And why was she going on about country mice and city mice?

Expect to see the arcs like “Bomb Girl Arc” or even the “International Assassins Arc” for the second season of Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 News

There hasn’t been any news or updates for the release of Season 2 just yet.

But we don’t think MAPPA would pass up on the opportunity to capitalize on the success Season 2 would bring, so there definitely will be a second season.

There’s a lot more content in the Manga even after what happened in Season 1!

We’ll bring you the latest updates about Season 2, so stay tuned!

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