Gimai Seikatsu Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

We're finally getting an adaptation of the popular hit novel, Gimai Seikatsu. Here is all the info we know about Gimai Seikatsu release date and news.

The popular light novel, Days with my Step Sister, is getting greenlit. Alas, the release date is still TBA.

The sweet story follows an asocial boy with his step-sister who can’t rely on others. The boundaries they set up before are gradually shrinking over time which may lead to romance. Can they overcome their past trauma?

We have gathered the information related to the anime below.

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Gimai Seikatsu Release Date

Gimai Seikatsu Release Date

Countdown to February 8, 2024 at 12:00 PM (UTC)


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Gimai Seikatsu has already been released!

The confirmation for the anime adaptation was announced at the label’s Summer School Festival 2022 on July 24, 2022.

The entire cast of the YouTube project will reprise their cast. They are:

  • Amasaki Kouhei as Asamura Yuuta
  • Nakashima Yuki as Ayase Saki
  • Suzuki Minori as Yomiuri Shiori
  • Suzuki Ayu as Narasaka Maaya
  • Hamano Daiki as Maru Tomokazu

Besides the adaptation announcement and the reprising cast, there is no additional information released in the event. As of February 2023, there is no indication that the anime will unveil new information soon.

Maybe they will leak something in the future MF Bunko Festival 2023? Who knows? We can estimate that the anime will take at least a year before airing. So, it may premiere in early 2024.

Gimai Seikatsu Trailer

The PV was released on July 25, 2022. There is nothing going on in the PV. It only explains the background of the story.

The cast is also expected to be the same as the YouTube project as well. It has been half a year since the PV was lifted and two volumes of the light novel have been released since then, yet the new information hasn’t been updated.

We will update the article as soon as the first PV is released.

Gimai Seikatsu Story

The story follows Yuuta Asamura, a boy who has had enough of a man-woman relationship. His asocial personality comes from the fact that he grows up hearing their parents fight every day.

When their parents divorced because of the affairs of his mother, something snapped within his heart. He no longer feels anything and doesn’t have any expectations toward the opposite gender.

One day, his father talks to him about remarriage. As curt as he is, he doesn’t care. But the problem is he will have a little sister.

His father shows a grade school girl photo to Yuuta explaining that this girl will be his little sister. Yuuta thinks that his life won’t change a bit because his little sister is actually “little”. So, it is easy to keep a distance from her.

But it is all wrong. It turns out that his little sister is actually the same age as him. Her mother doesn’t have a new picture when she grows older. Moreover, she happens to be the number one beauty in his school.

When they are alone, they make promises to keep their distance from each other. They agree with that relationship after learning something from their parents’ past.

Saki doesn’t know how to properly depend on someone, whereas Yuuta is unsure how to treat her normally. Standing on the same ground, they learn to live comfortably with each other.

Gradually, they progress from strangers to friends. Who knows the relationship may lead to romance in the future.

Gimai Seikatsu News

Gimai Seikatsu, Days with my Step Sister, is a mixed project created by Ghost Mikawa. It started as a visual novel video uploaded on YouTube on May 1, 2020.

Without a doubt that Ghost Mikawa is the original author of Gimai Seikatsu. But, the script of the story for the video is actually handled by multiple writers. Mikawa stated that the writing style of each writer is shown in each script, so it is often taken as it is.

As of February 2023, over 200 videos have been uploaded. With an average of 4 videos a month, they manage to reach thousands of views in every video. The first video uploaded becomes the most viewed with 264 thousand viewers.

With the success project, the light novel version was released in January 2021 with Hiten as the illustrator. It was published by Media Factory under their MF Bunko J imprint.

Now, it already released seven volumes of the light novel with the latest being published on December 23, 2022. There are 450 thousand of copies in circulation as of February 2023.

The manga adaptation was also made six months after the release of the light novel. Yumika Kanade began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace Plus online web service on July 16, 2021.

The chapters are compiled into 2 volumes of manga that were released in April and December 2022, respectively.

With that record in mind, can this anime adaptation turn out better than the YouTube project? Let’s wait for additional information to be released!

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