Blue Archive Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

Blue Archive is coming! Here's everything we know so far, including the release date, trailer and other related news.

The popular gacha game, Blue Archive, is confirmed to be adapted! The adventure of “sensei” solves the problem of academia surrounding Kivotos begins.

As fans of gacha games, especially from Yostar, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Blue Archive will be the next in line for getting the TV animation. But, the announcement was made only after two years of release! It really sets the record among its peers.

The story will follow the teacher who is also the head of the problem-solver organization. He will go around solving problems among the academic institutions in autonomous multi-academic cities in Kivotos.

Here’s the information we gathered so far!

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Blue Archive Release Date

Blue Archive Season 1 Release Date

Countdown to May 1, 2024 at 10:00 AM (UTC)


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The anime adaptation of Blue Archive was announced on the 2nd-anniversary special program on January 24, 2023.

Unfortunately, there is only a visual teaser that has been released so far. There is no additional information related to which studio works on it or when it will be released.

Based on other Yostar games, Azur Lane and Arknight, it will take a year before the first episode take off. The pattern shows off that the first episode premieres exactly the same season as the announcement is made.

We estimated that Blue Archive will premiere in either the winter or spring of 2024!

Blue Archive Trailer

Do note that this isn’t a PV for the anime adaptation! The PV has yet to be released by the official. Enjoy the fourth PV for the game instead.

The fourth PV was released on January 22, 2023, on the live-streaming event commemorating the 2nd anniversary of its release.

Blue Archive Story

Blue Archive is set on multiple academic cities grouped together in one region called Kivotos. In this city, young girls from different academies are engaging in regular fights over resources.

Even though the fights occur every day, it doesn’t make it into a lawless city. There is a massive club that presides over the entirety of Kivotos. It is called the General Student Council.

They handle every matter related to the city starting from school-related matters, approving club formation, law, and enforcement. However, they still leave the individual school to handle their own autonomous districts.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the story starts with the rumor of its president goes missing. But before that, she creates an extrajudicial, autonomous organization called Schale. This organization works as a problem solver for various issues faced by academics, students, and administration.

The story follows sensei, a figurehead who claims the role of administrator of Schale after its president went missing. His first and foremost task is to find the missing president while solving the problem surrounding Kivotos.

Slow but surely, sensei will face the darkness surrounding Kivotos. Can he handle it?

Blue Archive News

Blue Archive is a role-playing game developed by Nexon Games. The game was first published by Yostar in Japan in February 2021 and later worldwide in the November of the same year by Nexon.

Yostar announced the mobile game in 2020 and held a closed beta test for Android in July 2020. It was planned to be released in the same year, yet they delayed it to February 2021.

The English version was announced in August 2021. The pre-registration reaches the 1 million mark ahead of its release.

In two years, Blue Archive has successfully earned over 240 million USD. The revenue mostly comes from Japan because they have nine months of progress ahead of the global version.

For the span of two years, the game has been downloaded 5.5 million times. The highest population also comes from Japan followed by South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and the United States.

This anime will be the third game that Yostar published to be adapted following Azur Lane (2019) and Arknight (2022). While Azur Lane gets a low impression among fans, Arknight ends its season on a good note.

Will Blue Archive Animation get as successful as its mobile game version?

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