Seirei Gensouki Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story, And News

Get ready Seirei Gensouki fans for its return! Here is everything we know so far about Seirei Gensouki season 2 release date, trailer, story, and news.

Truck-chan? No. Train-chain!

Seirei Genouski, or Spirit Chronicles in English translation, is an isekai anime with more (potential) harems, adventures, and fun!

Though Rio is a bit oblivious to the advancements of some women in the anime, I sure hope we won’t be oblivious to the fact that the series is gonna get a new season!

That’s right, folks!

Studio TMS Entertainment released a teaser trailer and teaser visual on their official site!

This means that it’s not gonna be merely a wish that we’ll get to see the second season.

Because it’ll soon become a reality!

Now then, let’s dive into what we know!

Updates +

  • September 18, 2023: Complete rewrite with updated news.

Key Takeaways

  • Studio TMS Entertainment has NOT yet confirmed the exact date of airing, but they have released a teaser trailer and a teaser visual.

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Seirei Gensouki Season 2 Release Date

Seirei Gensouki Season 2 Release Date

Countdown to November 30, 2024 at 4:00 PM (UTC)


223 Days 11 Hours 25Mins 50 Secs

Although Studio TMS Entertainment released the teaser PV and teaser visual for season 2, it was not yet confirmed when we could expect its release.

However, it’s been confirmed that it will be released in 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates! We’ll update you as soon as Studio TMS Entertainment makes an official announcement!

Seirei Gensouki Season 2 Trailer

Studio TMS Entertainment released this official trailer for Seirei Gensouski, but in my opinion, I don’t think of it much as a trailer.

It’s more of a season 1 recap due to it having little to no snippets at all of season 2.

But this announcement was made last November of 2021, so it probably has more content under development, or probably completed a lot by now.

But if they release a new trailer to see what’s up in season 2, we’ll let you know!

We’ll update the site when they release new content, so stay tuned!

Seirei Gensouki Story So Far

We’ve prepared a recap video of the first season, but if you need a brief recap of what’s happened, we also have that just for you!

Seirei Gensouki’s story starts with a man named Haruto’s untimely demise in a bus accident where it was run over by a train.

Move aside, Truck-chan! There’s another isekai-inducing vehicle in town!

Haruto woke up as Rio, a poor orphan boy who wanted revenge for his mother’s death.

He then met Celia, in search of a purple-haired girl around the area.

Luckily for Rio, Celia used a magic spell that searched magic power around the area.

This allowed her to see Rio’s magic power, which was abnormally high for a child.

Celia was amazed at this and kept note of his existence.

After their encounter, Rio went home, but as soon as he stepped inside the house, he was attacked by a masked man who killed everyone inside.

But of course, this was episode one. There’s always plot armor!

The moment he was almost stabbed, time stood still and a spirit appeared before him, offering him a covenant with her to which he agreed in order to use magic.

Now knowing how to use physical enhancement magic, Rio used it for the first time to defeat the attacker.

He then found the purple-haired girl inside a sack, obviously kidnapped.

He was told that if you take her to the palace, her father would reward her.

But as she finished her sentence, she fainted at the sight of dead bodies.

While carrying her to the palace, he was seen by Celia and the others, who now accused him of kidnapping the princess.

A princess! What a twist.

They promised Rio he would get a courteous investigation, but it all went south when an obnoxious noble, the vice commander of the royal guards, headed the “interview”.

He was beaten almost to death trying to get a confession of his involvement with the kidnapping although Rio never did anything of the sort.

He was saved when the princess woke up and explained the situation, to which Celia and her guard were shocked to see the princess’s savior on the verge of death.

Side note: The dude got demoted. I’d say… Deserve!

The King and Queen of the Kingdom then asked to see Rio, which started the adventure of our series’ Hero.

Through the harsh criticisms and superiority complex of nobles in the academy that Rio went to, he persevered.

After going to the academy where he was given a scholarship by the King, he was branded as a criminal by the nobles who felt threatened by Rio’s skills in battle and academics.

He was forced to travel to his mother’s hometown across the continent.

During his travels, he was attacked by an assassin sent by one of the nobles.

He then found out that she was also from Japan!

He took her to the beastfolk kingdom in order to give her sanctuary there, which was then attacked by a black wyvern.

Knowing our hero, he easily fends them off!

He then set out to his mother’s hometown where he found out his mother was actually the King’s daughter.

This technically makes him a prince!

From poor orphan to prince in just one season!

With that, he decided to pay a visit to Celia, whom he cared for during his days at the academy.

He then found out that Celia was engaged and was going to marry Charles, the guy who almost killed Rio during the interrogation!

When Rio realized that Celia was forced into marrying him, he kidnapped Celia during the wedding (with her consent, of course).

Remember, kids! If you plan to kidnap, do it with consent.

I’m just kidding! Don’t kidnap anyone, ever.

With that, Season 1 ends with Rio, Celia, and Rio’s covenanted spirit, Aishia seeing multiple pillars of light in the distance.

This, paired with seeing people transported from Japan to that world meant that more people were summoned.

And among them, was Haruto’s long-term crush, Mii-chan.

Seirei Gensouki What To Expect For Season 2

With the appearance of summoned individuals from another world, we could expect to see some kind of war that could take place.

Knowing isekai series, if you get summoned to another world, it just means a war with demons threatens that kingdom.

And their world is no exception to that cliché isekai genre rule.

Although I might be wrong, it’s always going to be fun to see more action!

Especially with more overpowered individuals if they also get the same blessing isekai genres give to the summoned!

Seirei Genouski Season 2 News

There isn’t any news yet on the production of season 2.

Their last post on their official site was last November of 2021, but hopefully there won’t be any delays because we’re looking forward as well!

Come back any time you want news on this anime series!

We’ll update you as soon as there are updates on its production!

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