That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

Here is everything we know about the third season of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, including the release date, trailer, plot, and other news.

Slimes have been in RPG games for the longest time as one of those easily beatable mobs around a beginner area.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Much like your usual poring from Ragnarok Online, they only drop loot and exp!

But this slime is slightly different per se. It can devour anything in its wake!

It can take its form and even its skills!

If you need to know more about this particular slime, you came to the right place!

We got the ins and outs of the series, as well as updates on the new season!

Key Takeaways

  • This is about Season 3, and not about the Movie release after Season 2.
  • The release was officially announced as the Spring of 2024, but no exact date was given.
  • Season 3 is expected to be aired in either April or May.

Updates +

  • August 22, 2023: Brand new update written from scratch.
  • January 11, 2023: Complete rewrite for improved readability.
  • October 5, 2022: Small update.
  • October 3, 2022: Initial publishing.

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The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3 Release Date

The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3 Release Date

Countdown to May 30, 2024 at 12:00 PM (UTC)


39 Days 15 Hours 16Mins 46 Secs

It was announced that Season 3 will be aired in the spring of 2024, therefore, we can expect to watch it in either April or May. There isn’t an exact date yet, but rest assured, we do our best to upload the latest updates on your favorite Anime!

Stay tuned!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3 Trailer

View the trailer for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime the Movie: Scarlet Bond above!

There is no season 3 trailer just yet. We’ll update you as soon as Tensura releases the official trailer!

The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Story (A Recap)

Satoru Mikami, A 37-year-old salary man died after being stabbed by a man running from the police.

He jokes that he dies as a wizard because he never had a girlfriend and was already over 30 years old!

He closed his eyes as he accepted his fate, but he wasn’t losing consciousness. Instead, he felt nothing.

Blind, but releasing he could move, he felt his way around ultimately landing on plants which instantly gets devoured by his body.

He noticed that the voice in his head was explaining what his body devoured, much like a system, and was able to guide him on what was happening.

Satoru realizes that he has been reincarnated as a slime, and he needed to fight the other monsters in the cave he spawned in to survive.

But what can a slime do against the other monsters? They’re the weakest race that even your level 1 RPG character won’t have a hard time against!

But this slime was unique.

Anything he devoured, he can copy its skills and traits.

That’s way too overpowered! But that’s exactly the trope of this anime series.

Let’s move on!

As he explored the cave, he came upon a voice calling out to him.

He and the owner of that voice became quick friends, which also taught Satoru how to create eyes.

With Satoru successfully creating eyes, he was surprised to see that he was talking to a sealed dragon!

Satoru was then renamed Rimuru Tempest, and the dragon Veldora Tempest.

Rimuru promised to remove Veldora’s seal but had to devour him along with the seal first.

What are best friends for? For devouring!

I’m just kidding. Don’t eat your friends, kids!

One thing led to another, and it just gets more awesome from there!

Goblins and Wolves

Following Rimuru’s escape from the cave, he came upon a group of goblins scared of him, but still willing to defend their territory.

Rimuru reassured them that he wasn’t a danger, and was invited to go to the village chief.

The goblin village chief, a frail old goblin, begged Rimuru to help them get rid of the wolves which threatened their safety.

After careful planning with the chief, they were successful in subduing the wolves.

After the defeat of the pack leader, the wolves acknowledged Rimuru as their new pack leader and decided to be his followers.

Rimuru named all the Goblins, and blacks out after naming a wolf “Ranga”.

Waking up from magicule exhaustion, he found himself in a familiar place, but with unfamiliar faces.

A large goblin with a huge set of muscles greeted him and introduced himself as the village chief!

Now THAT’S a glow-up!

Those unfamiliar faces were actually the goblins he named, but evolved as Hobgoblins!

Ranga the Wolf came and greeted him as well with huge enthusiasm. (And he became huge as well!)

Rimuru took a stroll around town and noticed the shabby appearance of the houses, then decided on measures to create a better village for these goblins and wolves who now live in harmony.

The Dwarven Kingdom

The goblins advised Rimuru to seek out the Dwarves in Dwargon that could teach the goblins how to build better tools and houses.

After days of traveling to the Kingdom of Dwargon, Rimuru had trouble outside and even inside the kingdom.

Adventurers with a superiority complex picked a fight with him because he was just a slime.

Things didn’t exactly go well. For the adventurers I mean.

Because of this, Rimuru and Gobta (the goblin accompanying Rimuru) landed in jail!

They only got out because they helped provide potions for the wounded Dwarven Soldiers.

They then set out to look for dwarves to help with their village and came across three brothers willing to help after Rimuru provided them with materials for swords.

While they celebrated, they were harassed by a bunch of thugs which landed them in jail (again!).

Trialed by the King, the dwarves in question were exiled from the Kingdom, which gave them a reason to help Rimuru with building a better life for the Goblins.

The Masked Girl

Rimuru met Shizu, a mysterious masked girl whom he saved along with her party members from a monster during their investigation.

Rimuru recalled the fortune-telling he had at Dwargon about what his meant-to-be looked like, and as he guessed, Shizu looked exactly like the woman in the predictions!

Now that’s some accurate fortune-telling!

But Rimuru’s bad luck streak never ends.

Shizu was actually possessed by a fire elemental named Ifrit.

Rimuru was forced to fight Ifrit, which inevitably kills Shizu.

Rimuru then devoured Shizu’s body as per her wish, which let him transform into her.

A sad ending for our slime friend who only wanted to help her friend, which he bonded with so dearly.

He then continued his adventures in the form of Shizu, taking up her mask in memory of his fallen comrade.

An Ogre’s Resolve

In this world, you’d think that Ogres are just big goblins.

But they’re actually another humanoid breed with a penchant for fighting.

Rimuru encountered them after a group of ogres attacked the goblins.

He showcased his overpowered abilities which still didn’t make them back down.

Thankfully, one of the ogres noted that if Rimuru wanted them dead, they would have already died.

With that reasoning, they think thought that Rimuru wasn’t actually a threat to them.

The ogres explained that the mask Rimuru wore looked the same as the mask of the assailant who destroyed their whole village with the help of orcs.

With the promise of Rimuru helping the ogre refugees with their vengeance, he took them under his wing (his slimy wing), and even gave them names!

And as usual, giving names require a lot of magicules from Rimuru, therefore forcing him to hibernate for a few days.

The Jura Forest Alliance

After waking up, he was met by a prideful Lizardman named Gabiru who, quote-unquote, wanted them to “submit to his command”.

Forced to leave, the lizardmen failed to create an alliance with the goblins, as planned by their chief. (Things would have gone smoothly if it weren’t for Gabiru’s pride! They were tasked to make an alliance. Not force one!)

Their peace and quiet didn’t last long as they were visited by Treyni the dryad of Jura Forest, who sought their help against the orcs attempting to invade.

Rimuru then created an alliance with the Lizardmen to repel the orc invasion.

A fierce battle took place against the orcs who devoured everything and everyone, including their comrades, which made them more powerful.

This act made Rimuru realize that the orcs might not be in their right minds and were being controlled by the Orc Lord.

Rimuru fought the Orc Lord who then became an Orc Disaster, an evolved form of an Orc Lord on par with Demon Lords.

Rimuru, being the overpowered anime character that he is, devoured the Orc Disaster Geld, along with his “sins”.

The orcs snapped out of their trance and felt guilt about what they have done.

They asked for forgiveness, noting that after all they have done, they did not deserve forgiveness. But nevertheless, they still wanted to express their heartfelt apologies for everything that happened.

Rimuru took the orcs under his wing and assigned them jobs to do for the improvement of the village.

Gabiru was exiled from the Lizardmen tribe and as usual, Rimuru took the exiled into his village (At this point, he’s like Ash Ketchum but instead of collecting Pokémon, he collects different races!).

He then created the Jura Forest Alliance to further the bond between the different races that live in the Jura Tempest Federation (The village turned city housing all kinds of races).

The Arrival of the Demon Lord Milim

With everything that has happened thus far, things should be peaceful now, shouldn’t it?

Well, not for this particular slime.

After the war, the dwarven King gave Rimuru an unexpected gift—The minister who tried to get them in Jail when they were in Dwargon!

The King claimed that the minister is a brilliant scientist who can help with the improvement of the Jura Tempest Federation, which Rimuru reluctantly accepted but kept him under a watchful eye.

With Rimuru’s enhanced perception of magicules, he detected an unusually large amount rushing toward the city.

He investigated only to be attacked by the Demon Lord Milim, which was easily defeated with the help of honey!

Who knew honey had the capability to vanquish Demon Lords?

Milim surrendered in the hopes of getting more honey, which just became her favorite food!

And with that, Milim announced that Rimuru has become her best friend!

Not long after the blossoming of this unusual friendship, another tragedy lurks around the corner.

Rimuru learned about the demon lords after one of the Demon Lord Carrion’s beastkeepers, Phobio, came to Tempest in order to recruit Rimuru to serve Carrion.

But of course, an overpowered main character of a series won’t agree to be someone’s subordinate, so he turned down the offer which infuriates Phobio.

A series of events unfold resulting in him getting tricked into unleashing a calamity-class monster called Charybdis.

Quite the gullible fellow I might say.

It was a hard-won fight where they needed the help of Milim, the Demon Lord.

But you could say that it was also Milim’s fault this happened.

On top of shooing away Phobio so unceremoniously, the massive amount of magicules she had even attracted the beast to go in Tempest’s direction!

But nevertheless, all these events are nothing new for our favorite slime if it’s already set on a day-to-day basis for him!

I hope he gets a break soon. He deserves it!

The Children From Another World

Rimuru decided to go to Ingrassia due to seeing Shizu in her dreams.

What better way to honor your deceased girlfriend than to continue what she started, right?

He then enlisted as a teacher at the school in Ingrassia where Shizu left her students.

But what Rimuru didn’t know was that they were actually children summoned from another world!

They were from his original world!

But due to the energy in their souls being too much, they didn’t have much time to live.

Rimuru tried his best to expend the energy they had to no avail. Although, he thought of Shizu’s predicament of having a spirit fuse with her to stabilize the energy.

This sparked the idea that he should let the kids fuse with spirits!

After much effort to find the Dwelling of Spirits, he finally found the Labyrinth in which the Spirit Queen resided.

Rimuru met the Spirit Queen, Ramiris, after the battle with a golem, where she also revealed that she was a Demon Lord!

If you picture Demon Lord, you’d imagine a scary but graceful looking individual, right?

But Ramiris was far from that. She was actually a fairy! A cute, small fairy!

The kids then prayed to the spirits to fuse with them but only lesser spirits came.

This was a problem since lesser spirits can’t help them control the energy in their body.

Rimuru then successfully tried to combine the lesser spirits together to form greater spirits which gladly fused with the kids, thus saved them from dying too soon.

A Brief Peace Before The Storm

Everything was well and fine. No fights (maybe just a bit), no conflicts (also just a bit), and no problems arose.

Who are we kidding here? This is Slime Datta Ken. There’s no such thing as peaceful in this series.

After their trading affairs with Eurazania, the Beast Kingdom, and Dwargon, there came a new character.

A female wizard named Mjurran was invited into Tempest as an adventurer.

Long story short, she betrays everyone in Tempest because a Demon Lord named Clayman controlled her by keeping her heart and threatening to destroy it if she disobeys.

Quite literally. It was in a jar!

She sealed the whole city in an anti-magic area which sealed everyone’s use of magic.

Falmuth, a city threatened by Tempest, invaded and cast monster-weakening magic on the whole city, which resulted in a large number of casualties of the city dwellers.

The Birth Of A New Demon Lord

Rimuru found out about the invasion by Falmuth and immediately headed back in order to assess the situation.

He learned from one of his friends a method to revive all the fallen. And that’s to become a Demon Lord.

But in order to become one, he needed to acquire 10,000 human souls!

That was the whole population of the Falmuth army which he already planned to kill for ruining the little peace he had.

He mercilessly killed everyone in the Falmuth army with a bit of help from his comrades.

After he collected all the required souls, he summoned demons to capture the King of Falmuth and bring him back to Tempest.

They did so happily because they have found a master worth serving.

Little did Rimuru know that he summoned a primordial demon. One of the oldest demons in all of existence.

Ranga brought Rimuru back to Tempest to complete the transformation, as well as bring his friends back to life.

After a few failed attempts, two of the demons offered their lives to increase the chances of the resurrection working.

Rimuru succeeded after this and falls into deep sleep.

He then awakened as a new Demon Lord.


Rimuru learned that Eurazania was attacked by Demon Lord Milim, which was very suspicious to Rimuru because he knew Milim and he also knew that she would never do that.

He speculated that Milim was controlled by another Demon Lord, which was the most likely situation.

Veldora awakened due to Rimuru having evolved to a Demon Lord, which sped up the rate of analyzing Veldora’s seal to free him, and became a shut-in after learning about manga.

Now THAT’S living the life.

Rimuru learned about Walpurgis, which was a sort-of meeting for Demon Lords. Ramiris invited Rimuru in order to announce his ascension as a Demon Lord, with the added benefit of confronting Clayman.

Rimuru then devised a way how they could rescue the captured inhabitants of Eurazania after realizing Clayman’s need for them in order to become a True Demon Lord.

With the help of the envoys who came from Eurazania, they successfully saved the inhabitants from their deaths.

But the battle didn’t end there. Not for our slimy friend.

During Walpurgis, Clayman left his army behind in order to attend, which became a chance for payback.

After setting the plans and assigning teams to invade Clayman’s castle, Rimuru attended Walpurgis with Shion and Ranga.

There, they came face to face with Clayman, unaware of the attacking forces that headed for his castle.

The dude deserved it.

Rimuru’s teams took on Clayman’s army, and let’s face it, the enemy didn’t stand a chance!

Clayman tried to denounce Rimuru, but he came prepared. Everything Clayman said against him was all shot down!

Clayman now had no other choice but to fight Rimuru.

But joining the battle was none other than Milim, who was being controlled by Clayman!

A heated battle commenced with Rimuru on the losing side. But he had a trick up his sleeve!

He summoned Veldora into the fight to deal with Milim, as Rimuru personally dealt with Clayman.

As Rimuru focused on his fight against Clayman, he was actually really weak.

The fact that Shion, who wasn’t even a Demon Lord, stood her ground quite well against Clayman!

It didn’t take long before Clayman commanded Milim to kill Rimuru, but then the unexpected happened.

She said she didn’t want to!

She wasn’t actually controlled in the first place. She just wanted to have fun and see how long until Clayman noticed!

With nothing holding Rimuru back, he finished off Clayman, killing him along with his soul.

He was then acknowledged as a Demon Lord, and was given the chance to rename the group of Demon Lords “Octagram”.

The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3 (What To Expect)

Our favorite slime’s story doesn’t just end there!

Currently, there are a lot more arcs in the web novel still waiting to be given a chance to be seen on the big screen.

Let’s take a peek at what we can expect to see in Season 3!

Saint-Demon Confrontation Arc

There’s going to be a lot of action in this arc due to the fact the Rimuru would be fighting Hinata Sakaguchi for real this time! Hinata is one of those characters that not even our overpowered friend can beat. But let’s see what happens now that Rimuru has just become a Demon Lord!

Founding The Demon Capital Arc

Tempest holds a tournament to celebrate Rimuru’s Ascension becoming a Demon Lord. Rimuru then also plans to build a labyrinth that could potentially become a tourist attraction for adventurers. But will they succeed in this endeavor?

The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime News

The anime’s official website has released a teaser visual depicting a battle between Rimuru and Hinata Sakaguchi.

There isn’t much news yet on Season 3, as it’s still going to be released next year.

But whenever there’s an update on the official site, we’ll let you know here!

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