Ayakashi Triangle Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

Ayakashi Triangle anime adaptation is coming! Here's everything we know so far about Ayakashi Triangle release date, trailer, story, and other news.

The high dosage of ecchi anime, Ayakashi Triangle, first aired on January 10, 2023.

After a year of silence, all the information related to the anime was released in a special broadcast on the Aniplex YouTube channel.

A combination of different genres paints this series. It embraces both light action and heavy ecchi genres. Not only that, the setting will also be filled with Japanese folklore and ninja.

With such jumbled genres, what can be expected from Ayakashi Triangle? Let’s talk about that!

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Ayakashi Triangle Release Date

Ayakashi Triangle Release Date

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Ayakashi Triangle has already been released!

The anime adaptation of Ayakashi Triangle was announced on December 18, 2021, during Shueisha’s Jump Festa event.

Not long after that, Shueisha created the official site of the anime series as well as the official Twitter page.

The list of the main cast was released after nine months of silence. Then, the exact broadcasting schedule was revealed on November 22, 2022. It stated that the anime will premiere on January 10, 2023.

Noriaki Akitaya (Bakuman) is in charge of directing the anime. The script is written by Shougo Yasukawa (Food Wars), and Rei Ishizuka (Cuckoo’s Fiancee) is handling the music.

Ayakashi Triangle Trailer

The first PV was released on November 22, 2022, along with the broadcast schedule.

It features characters’ introductions as well as the cast.

Kazamaki has two VA because he will have his gender changed. Shouya Chiba will voice the male version, and Miyu Tomita will say the female version.

The crush of Kazamaki, Kanade Suzu, is voiced by Ichinose Kana and Genda Tesshou voices Shirogane.

Philosophy no Dance provides the opening entitled “Neppu wa Ruten-suru”. Meanwhile, MIMiNARI featuring Miyu Tomita and Kana Ichinose sings the ending entitled “Itowanai”.

Studio Connect (Strike the Blood) is in charge of producing the series.

Ayakashi Triangle Story

The story sets in the fictional city, Omiko. A countryside that is populated not only by humans but also by Ayakashi, an invincible spirit.

Ayakashi are generally pacifists, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are. There are also some malicious ayakashi among them.

To counter the danger, there are many clans of exorcist ninjas with fancy jutsu to protect the public. Those clans work directly under a government department known as Exorcist Ninja Association.

The series centers on young exorcist ninja Matsuri Kazamaki. His childhood friend, Kanade Suzu, is also able to see ayakashi despite being a normal human.

Turns out she is an existence known as ayakashi medium, which is a bridge between ayakashi and humans. This makes her attract many ayakashi. Thus, Kazamaki spends his youth protecting her.

Years later, Suzu gets attacked by King Ayakashi, Shirogane. Before being devoured, Kazamaki saves her.

Unable to defeat Shirogane, Kazamaki plans to seal most of his power into the scroll. Before his power is sealed, Shirogane casts a curse to turn Kazamaki into a female.

Then the story of female Kazamaki and his crush, Suzu, starts. What will happen with their relationship? Let’s wait for the anime to be aired.

Ayakashi Triangle News

Ayakashi Triangle is based on manga with the same name. It was created by Yabuki Kentarou.

The concept of manga is based on a one-shot manga, Reo x Leo, which was published on February 9, 2019.

Ayakashi Triangle started on June 15, 2020, on Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump.

The series doesn’t have a smooth sailing record. It moved to Shonen Jump+ on April 2022. Viz, who is responsible for publishing Ayakashi Triangle digitally, banned chapters 74 and 75 on their app on January 2022.

They kept their lips shut even after Seven Seas Entertainment officially licensed both the digital and printed format in March 2022.

As of November 2022, Ayakashi Triangle has a total of 11 volumes of manga published. Meanwhile, only one volume of the English version has been published.

Ayakashi Triangle Expectation

Just like other Yabuki creations, To Love Ru, Ayakashi Triangle offers many fan services in each chapter of the manga.

The difference is the yuri development between Kazamaki and Suzu. The author said in July 2020 that the series would show various types of relationship triangles beyond romance.

Even though the yuri genre comes on top, it doesn’t mean there is no presence of male characters. To balance it out, the rival of Kazamaki, Soga Ninokuru, acts as a straight man.

The unique blend of genres is filling the series. Can it defeat its predecessor To Love Ru in terms of popularity? Let’s find out in winter-slated anime 2023!

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