DanMachi Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Story, And News

Buckle up DanMachi fans for its return! Here's everything we know so far about Danmachi Season 5, including the release date, trailer, story, and news.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?

Studio J.C. Staff, the animators of various anime series such as Food Wars, Disastrous Life of Saiki K., and Toradora has not yet announced a new season for DanMachi.

They’ve only released the fourth season this 2023, which covered until volume 14 of the light novel, and currently, the light novel only goes up to volume 18, so it’s hard to say when they’ll get to release another season.

But let’s not get our hopes down.

A successful anime adaptation like this will surely get the next season soon!

Let’s just hope they won’t rush anything into a half-baked series.

With that said, let’s delve into the know-how of this anime!

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  • September 9, 2023: Initial publishing.

Key Takeaways

  • Season 5 of DanMachi has not yet been confirmed by Studio J.C. Staff.
  • The release date of season 5 in this site is purely speculation.

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DanMachi Season 5 Release Date

DanMachi Season 5 Release Date

Countdown to March 30, 2025 at 3:00 PM (UTC)


290 Days 4 Hours 49Mins 48 Secs

Although the release date for the fifth season of DanMachi is still unconfirmed, it’s safe to say that we could expect to see it in early 2025.

But when we get a definite announcement of the fifth installment, we’ll give you an update!

So stay tuned!

DanMachi Season 5 Trailer

DanMachi doesn’t have a season 5 trailer yet due to being unconfirmed whether the anime series will have a fifth season soon.

But for now, enjoy this teaser trailer for Season 4!

We’ll update you if Studio J.C. Staff releases the official trailer for Season 5!

DanMachi Story So Far

DanMachi follows the story of a young man named Bell Cranel, in a world where magic and Gods and Goddesses exist.

These Gods and Goddesses head factions called Familias where adventurers gather under one God.

Bell Cranel belongs to the Hestia Familia, in which he is the only member.

Although he’s seen as a weak adventurer due to his lack of skill, he soon attains a new ability after meeting Ais Wallenstein, which speeds up the growth of his stats as long as he’s in love.

With his newfound powers, he ventures deeper into the dungeons to power up, ultimately becoming the fastest adventurer to reach level 2.

The power of love really makes a huge difference!

He then soon gains a new skill called Argonaut which completely annihilates enemies in a 1v1!

Although there are drawbacks, it’s still a pretty OP skill.

Throughout the series, you can see him training with Ais, which has two benefits.

First, he trains with her to become a better adventurer.

And second, he has a major crush on her!

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

So much has happened in the series such as when Bell soloed a minotaur, participated in a Familia War, and even faced a Goddess!

But the most noteworthy event here would be the Familia War where the Hestia Familia battled the Apollo Familia in a war game.

Although Hestia Familia only had Bell Cranel, the friends he made along the way of his adventures volunteered to join the familia in order to help their friend.

Power of Friendship!

They ultimately won the war and were rewarded with Apollo’s mansion.

Now they had a better place to stay! Since they were living in a shabby house before this.

The Hestia Familia also adopted a monster that looked like a little girl and named her Weine (I swear I’m not making this up).

An all-out war broke out due to the discovery of the Xenos, which were monsters with intelligence.

During which, Bell leveled up to Level 4!

Oh, and did I mention that before all this, two Goddesses of Love wanted Bell? His life is probably every guy’s dream by now!

A lot has happened indeed, but let’s stop here for now because I think we’re already caught up with everything that happened before season 5.

DanMachi Season 5 What To Expect

New challenges, relationships, and battles lie in wait for Season 5.

The new season would cover his adventure to the Goddess Festival, where during his date, he would be kidnapped! (Again? Yes, again. Our boy sure loves getting kidnapped.)

We could also expect to see him picking up more women in the dungeon!

Since the anime title mentions picking up girls in dungeons, I’m having second thoughts about being born in this mundane world.

With that said, we’ll see more adventures in the dungeons, as well as more conflicts between the Gods and Goddesses!

And with that said, let’s hope to see a great storyline and animation from Studio J.C. Staff!

DanMachi Season 5 News

There is no news at the moment from J.C. Staff regarding DanMachi Season 5.

But we’ll update you here if ever they release new announcements regarding Season 5 of DanMachi!

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