Re:Zero Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

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Re:Zero fans everywhere are wondering, “When is the third season? Is it announced yet?”

Below we have listed everything we know about the future of the anime adaptation of Re:Zero and if a third season is in production.

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Re:Zero Season 3 Release Date

As of September 2022, there is no official release date for Season 3 of Re:Zero.

The first season of Re:Zero aired in April 2016. The second season was released in two parts; the first half aired in July 2020, and the second half aired in January 2021.

Seasons 1 and 2 have a four-year gap between airing dates.

Looking at the trend for the original airing dates, it is possible that a third Re:Zero anime season announcement may come sometime in late 2023.

White Fox, the studio behind Re:Zero, announced the adaptation of Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth in 2019; the series aired in 2022.

Utawarerumono is White Fox’s latest endeavor after the second season of Re:Zero.

It is possible that Re:Zero will have a Season 3 announcement after the production of Utawarerumono, as Re:Zero is one of the studio’s highest-grossing and most popular adaptations.

White Fox also produced the anime adaptation of Steins;Gate, another highly-acclaimed series.

As Re:Zero is a highly-anticipated series, an announcement for a sequel is not far off!

Re:Zero Season 3 Trailer

Although the third season for Re:Zero is not yet on the horizon, YouTuber Chibi Reviews posted a video discussing the rumors surrounding the next season.

In the video, he states that the author of the original light novel series is disputing the claims over the announcements for Season 3.

He also dives into more Re:Zero announcements, including new merchandise.

Re:Zero Story

Re:Zero, also known as Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, is a light novel series created by Tappei Nagatsuki with illustrations by Shinichiro Otsuka.

The series follows a shut-in teenager Subaru Natsuki who is thrust into a new world where he meets a half-elf girl named Emilia, who’s vying for the land’s throne.

Shockingly, Subaru dies after entering the new kingdom but transports back in time after his death and lives once again – his memory of his previous lives remains intact.

Subaru quickly realizes he can use his newfound powers to help Emilia and change the strange, new world he’s found himself in!

The Re:Zero series is highly-acclaimed and has spawned multiple adaptations and spin-offs; the light novels have over 11 million copies in print, while the anime series has sold over 70,000 copies on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Multiple Re:Zero manga adaptations have been published by different artists, including Daichi Matsue and Makoto Fugetsu. All of the manga adaptations are licensed by Yen-Press for publication in North America.

The series has many video-game spin-offs, including Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne, published by Spike-Chunsoftin North America. The game is available on Steam for PC, Playstation, and the Nintendo eShop.

Re:Zero News

On further speculation of Re:Zero’s Season 3, the light novel currently has 28 volumes published as of September 2022.

Season 1 of the anime adaptation covered the story arcs from the first nine volumes of the series, while Season 2 covered volumes 9 through 15.

This increases the potential for a Season 3 announcement, and possibly more, as the series has only garnered more popularity since its release.

The anime series ranks 292 as the highest-rated anime series of all time on Myanimelist, as well as ranking 23 in popularity on the site as of September 2022.

Knowing this, it’s hard to imagine that a third season is not over the horizon!

Season 1 of the anime is available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HBO Max.

Catch up on the series before Season 3 is announced!

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