Solo Leveling Anime Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

Fans of the record-breaking manhwa Solo Leveling, get ready! Here's everything we know about Solo Leveling anime release date, trailer, story, and news.

Let’s stray a bit from the isekai worlds and delve instead into the real world filled with creatures and humans with supernatural abilities.

Solo Leveling is set in a world much like that.

With the growing popularity of the manhwa, it seems fitting that we’d soon see an anime adaptation of it!

Let’s dive in on what we know so far.

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Solo Leveling Release Date

Solo Leveling Release Date

Countdown to December 30, 2024 at 11:00 AM (UTC)


200 Days 0 Hours 56Mins 58 Secs

Solo Leveling’s release was announced to be in the Winter of 2024 and is currently in production by A-1 Pictures, the studio that brought you Sword Art Online, NieR: Automata, Mashle, and many more!

Although the exact date is still unconfirmed, we’ll update you when we get a reliable source for the exact release date.

So, stay tuned!

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer

A-1 Pictures released an official trailer for the anime in March 2023.

Fans had lost hope that Solo Leveling would get an anime due to it originally being released this 2023, but after the release of the official trailer, that hope has been since reignited.

Let’s just hope A-1 pictures sticks to their release date this time!

Solo Leveling Story

Sung Jinwoo, an infamously weak E-Rank hunter, almost died in a dungeon that spawned another dungeon inside.

These are called double dungeons.

He barely survived possibly through sheer luck, but his hardships have just begun.

Being only the party member left alive, he faces harsh criticism from the masses because who wouldn’t get skeptical when the only survivor of an extremely hard dungeon was their weakest member?

When he woke up in the hospital, he noticed a game-like window that showed his current stats, skills, and even quests that only he could see.

He tried to do what the system told him to do and was then rewarded with exp and items.

Very game-like!

After his release from the hospital, his battle for survival began as he tried to become stronger by making use of the system’s cheat-like features.

What To Expect From Solo Leveling

A ton of fight scenes and close calls can be expected in this anime.

As a fan of the manhwa who has read all there is to read on Solo Leveling, I can safely assume that you won’t even take a small break from all the nerve-racking fights and confrontations in the anime adaptation.

That is if they add all the scenes from the manhwa.

You’ll be seeing his fights against all kinds of races you could think of—orcs, goblins, elves, and even stone golems, dragons, and other superpowered humans as well!

However, not everything will revolve around fighting.

Sung Jin-woo would also need to decide on joining or creating a guild, which skills to take and master, and which class he’s going to pick!

Side note: Classes are specializations like warriors, mages, rogues, etc.

And with that, a lot of great expectations fall on A-1 Pictures.

I hope they deliver!

Solo Leveling News

A-1 Pictures initially wanted Solo Leveling to be released in 2023, as stated in the teaser PV for it last July 2022.

But for reasons not known, the latest news on its production came only this year (2023) last March.

On that day, they released a new teaser PV for the anime coming this Winter of 2024.

On that same day, they also released the first key visual for the anime, further confirming their plans of release for the Winter of 2024.

A-1 Pictures also released a Character PV for Sung Jin-woo on their official web page last August 4, 2023.

As of the moment, these are the only news we have on the production.

For more news on its production, stay tuned! We’ll update you as soon as there’s more official news for the anime!

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