Shangri-La Frontier Release Date, Trailer, Story and News

We're finally getting an adaptation of the gaming anime, Shangri-La Frontier. Here is all the info we know about Shangri-La Frontier release date and news.

Gaming anime that emphasizes skill is coming in October 2023! Shangri-La Frontier anime finally gets greenlit.

The anime tells a boy who is an expert in beating bugged games to the point that he is bored with it. Then, with his high skill, he decides to play a bug-free game that recently becomes booming. Just prepare to see a pro gamer move that you rarely see in other anime.

Here’s the information we’ve gathered so far.

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Shangri-La Frontier Release Date

Shangri-La Frontier Release Date

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Shangri-La Frontier has already been released!

Shangri-La Frontier got a greenlit on July 7, 2022. A set of information starting from the cast, staff, visual, PV, and release year was revealed.

A week later, Crunchyroll announced at its Japan Expo panel that it will stream Shangri-La frontier in 2023.

That news is the last one this anime has to offer in 2022. Meanwhile, the manga series is updated regularly without a problem.

On March 8, 2023, the second PV as well as the visual teaser was released on its official Twitter account. Finally, the PV contains the broadcast schedule of the series.

Shangri-La is set to premiere in October 2023, though the exact date is still TBA.

Further information will be updated accordingly. Just stay tuned!

Shangri-La Frontier Trailer

The PV was released on March 8, 2023. Though it is the first PV in 8 months, it is considered to be of lower quality than the first PV Shangri-La Frontier has.

The visual animation in the latest PV gives doubt to the fans that the first PV from July 7, 2022, was pre-animated. Upon looking closer, the past PV has a smoother frame than the latest PV.

But, it doesn’t mean that fans dislike the quality either. At least the animation will have an “above average” standard.

Not to mention, the only voice appearing in the PV is Sunraku. Meanwhile, the first PV includes the conversation between three main characters; Sunraku, Oicazzo, and Arthur Pencilgon.

For the record, the list of the cast has been revealed since the first announcement. They are:

  • Uchida Yuuma as Sunraku
  • Hidaka Rina as Emul
  • Koichi Makoto as Oicazzo
  • Hikasa Youko as Arthur Pencilgon
  • Waki Azumi as Psyger-0
  • Ootsuka Akio as Viceash

Toshiyuki Kubo (Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina) is directing the anime, while Fudeyasu Kazuyuki (Record of Ragnarok) handles the script. Kurashima Ayumi (Anemone: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution) will animate the original character design from Fuji Ryousuke.

Fujita Akiko (Bocchi the Rock!) is going to be the sound director and MONACA (Summertime Render) will compose the music.

Shangri-La Frontier Story

Second-year high school student, Rakuro Hizutome, really loves playing games. But, the game he loves isn’t your typical popular game. He likes to play “shitty” games where you find many bugs on them.

After playing hours of beating bugged games, it can be said that his skill is forged to be top-notch to the point that no game is challenging enough for him.

That’s when he stumbles upon a new VR game that claims to be bug-free, Shangri-La Frontier.

By doing what he has done many times, he min-maxes his stat and jumps straight to action skipping the tutorial.

Even as an expert in his field, can Rokuro discover all the secrets of the Shangri-La Frontier?

Shangri-La Frontier News

Shangri-La Frontier is a Japanese web novel written by Katarina. It began the serialization on the self-publishing novel website Shosetsuka ni Naro (Let’s be Novelist) in May 2017.

As of March 2023, no print version is distributed. But, a manga adaptation began its serialization in July 2020 by Ryosuke Fuji. It is published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Kodansha USA licensed the manga in November 2020. But, they just released it digitally in two years. Until they announced that they would begin releasing the print version. The first volume was released on September 6, 2022.

Reportedly, there are a total of 3.7 million copies sold as of March 2023.

The first anniversary of the manga launching was celebrated with a promotional video for manga featuring Azumi Waki as narrator and Yuma Uchida as Sunraku. The PV was posted on July 7, 2021.

Exactly a year later, the anime was announced revealing C2C as the producer. At that time, several staff was released without mentioning the cast. But, now we know that two led cast from the previous PV is back.

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